Leadership Opportunities

The Mid-MO AGA Chapter operates on a fiscal year from July 1st thru June 30th. At the beginning of each calendar year, the Mid-MO AGA Chapter chooses its leadership for the coming year.

Participation in AGA activities offers you a great opportunity to enhance your organizational and communication skills. Also, gives you the chance to work closely with and network with other finance professionals in State, Federal and local government as well as from the private sector.

Officer and Board Member positions offer an opportunity to participate in the organization at a high level. However, if you do not feel that you are ready for that high level commitment, committee positions offer members an opportunity to become involved in a more limited capacity. Please see the Mid-MO AGA “Policies & Procedures” to understand more about each officer position.

If you are a member and would like to become involved in a leadership or committee position, please contact our current president at [email protected].